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Game Birds and Waterfowl

Quail/ Huns


Grouse/ Pheasants




Strutting Turkey








Swan/ Cranes



We offer a full line of fish Taxidermy. All mounts are done to the highest standard. We ONLY offer reproduction mounts. All we need are a few pictures and measurements, and you can turn your trophy back to the waters, or grill it up, which ever you prefer.

All fish are $22 per lineal inch

Game Head

 ​We offer Deer, Elk and Antelope only for Shoulder Mounts. All mounts are done to the highest quality with a quick turn around time, usually about a year or less. In order to keep the high quality, with a fast turn around time, we are only taking in a limited number of shoulder mounts. All shoulder mounts will not be done in house (because of the beetle operation) but instead will be done by a semi local taxidermist who has numerous years of experience, and produces high quality game head mounts. 

Prices are for the mount only.